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Personal Data 

During the use of the website you may need to provide information and personal information to the necessary extent for its proper operation and development. These data are governed by the Personal Data Protection Policy of our Store, which is compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and which you can find out below. Users reserve the right to update, access and object to the processing, in accordance with the new GDPR) and current legislation. Otherwise they agree and accept the processing and state that all the information and data they provide are true and accurate. The terms Privacy Policy Protection, Privacy Policy, Declaration Personal Data Protection which are listed below, have identical meanings.


Purpose of data collection – Procedure 

Our Store operates this website with the sole purpose of selling products and services to its customers. In order to serve better its customers, our Store requests specific information regarding the completion and execution of their order, the pricing, the communication with the store or the ability to answer questions & queries or other information that is necessary for this purpose. In the process, which is transparent, clear and understandable at all stages, customers are asked to consent to the performance of the information concerning them.

Processing  Manager

According to the legislation for the protection of personal data, οur store is responsible. Αny time you believe that we do not comply with the provisions set forth in this statement or any other matter relating to the protection of data, please contact us by email at   [email protected] .

Collection of personal data  during your visit in our e-shop

The type of personal data we collect include information such as name , address, mail address and phone number. In addition, during each visit to our website, data such as the browser used, the visitor's IP address or information about the products the visitor saw are automatically collected for better service, statistical or technical reasons.

The collection and processing of such personal data takes place during the visit, the registration, the connection to an existing account or the ordering of products on the website of "Our Store". The data are used only in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and this privacy policy and depending on the case with the consent of the visitor, customer or registered user.

The visitor reserves the right to delete or correct  the incorrect personal data, the right to delete his personal data (right to forget) as well as the right to obtain a copy of personal data. The visitor, if he is a registered user, can claim his rights by logging in to the customer's account and editing them immediately or even delete his account completely. The data that have to be stored due to legal, institutional or contractual obligations to retain commercial documents will remain in a secure environment for as long as is required by law.

Forwarding of personal data

Visitor data can be forwarded to partner service providers or other services related to the purposes of our "Our Store". The cooperating companies have been carefully selected and committed to our "Store" with a relevant contract for the protection of personal data, are  within the European Economic Area, subject to relevant EU legislation and provide the highest possible level of security. The visitor reserves the right to object or delete such actions at any time. The data may also be forwarded to the official authorities, if there is a legal obligation or court order. The same applies if "Our Store" has the right to do so, for the prosecution of criminal offenses or for the protection and enforcement of its rights and requirements. Data are also transmitted to third parties for the proper execution of contracts in the following cases: For the delivery of goods to transport companies and to postal service companies, as specified by placing the order. For the payment of goods to providers of domestic or foreign payment services (eg PayPal) or banking institutions, determined at the time of placing the order. During the payment process, payment information during this transaction is not recorded or stored, such as credit card numbers or other bank or other information. This information is provided directly to the respective payment service provider exclusively.

Personal Data Protection

Personal data security is a high priority for our Store. The data of visitors are stored and protected through technical and organizational measures to effectively prevent loss or misuse by third parties. The controllers process the personal data and are committed to maintain their confidentiality. To protect personal data, data are transmitted in encrypted form. In order to ensure long-term data protection, technical safety measures are regularly monitored and, if it’s necessary, are adapted to the respective prevailing technology standards.    

The use of website indicates the acceptance and consent of the Privacy Statement of "Our Store" as well as acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of the website that have been announced through it.

GDPR Compliance